I used US career institute for several reasons. It was conveient, and a pretty good price.

I was in the process of getting married and my boss informed me that i needed to get my medical assisting degree. So i went with them so that i wouldn't lose time at work or with my family.

By the time i finished the degree was bogus. It never said anything about be only an Administrative MA.

Which in most places won't qualify you for much. they have no place for you to go to learn blood draws or any of the hands on back stuff. they have their virtual labs that are truly a peice.

In the end, i've had to pay more money to be able to go to a 'real' school.

Now not only do i not get to see my family, i have to miss part of my regular job and so i get paid less to try and go to school. They suck it up and suck you in and then when you are done they drop you like a rotten egg.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Store Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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hate you didnt have a awsome experience, but they do if you ask let you know you have to secure your own extern. its there you will be able to do the blood draws. i say this bc i have been on extern before not with this school but will be very soon You have to be active in you schooling other then the book work


Scam school that intentionally misclassifies HOURLY employees as independent contractors so it does not pay FICA taxes and is being sued for fraud http://www.uscareerinstitutescam.com/


first of all if you do medical assistant online you will be working in the office i am a medical assistant i did my program in classroom that were you have hands on clinicals with classmates and dummies. You cant learn on line clinicals my school taught us on the lpn level my school will never let you do thier program online and we sit for the highest earning test the CMA i dont know why people do medical assistant online unless you just want to be a secretary


Thank you for giving U.S. Career Institute the opportunity to respond to your comments. USCI is committed to communicating clearly with students and prospective students. To this end, USCI, like most accredited schools, uses course objectives to tell students the expected outcome of successfully completing a course. USCI outlines all of its course objectives in the school’s catalog. The catalog is available online and a hard copy is sent at the beginning of enrollment. The objective states, “The Introduction to Medical Assisting Course provides graduates with theoretical instruction and practical skills that prepare students to obtain entry-level, medical assistant positions in a physician’s office or healthcare facility. Upon completion of the course, students will be trained to effectively perform administrative medical office duties and will be familiar with many clinical procedures. With clinical experience student’s gain on the job, they may be eligible to earn the prestigious Certified Clinical Medical Assistant credential through the National Healthcareer Association.”

As indicated in the course objective, graduates who wish to obtain clinical certification may sit for the National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam. The school provides graduates with information on how to obtain the 25 live venipuncture sticks and 10 capillary sticks required to sit for this exam.

All U.S. Career institute graduates are also provided with lifetime career support, covering areas such as job-search techniques, resume and letter writing, interviewing and presentation skills. This is a continuing service available to all U.S. Career institute graduates whenever they request it. Should you have any questions on how to access lifetime graduate support, or any other questions, we welcome you to call U.S. Career institute at 1-800-347-7899.


this is incorrect because when I talked to someone no one ever said anything about the school providing graduates with information on how to obtain the 25 live venipuncture sticks and 10 capillary sticks to sit for the exam. I for one took the medical assistant course and not once was I told about this.

I still have not found any place that would do this so I can not take the CCMA exam so I agree with you on this they suck you in and that's it no degree that is worth anything.


Can I get my refund? I've only been enrolled for 3 days I have two left.

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