Indianapolis, Indiana

This is scam!!! Don't listen to them.

I have enrolled in medical coding program and it was to much for me because of, time and my current job then i wanted to cancel my enrollement and they charge me 300 dollars !!! Think about it :(

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They are a joke. I am two months into a course and asked to switch courses because this program is awful.

When I asked to change courses they said just keep paying for this course until you give us $700 AND give us $900 for the next course. They are asking me to pay the full amount.

Crazy...They pretty much said too bad so with it.


I am in the coding to . all the lesson books are out of date as of last October.

The ICD-9-Cm is out dated material . I will get my money back for this waste of time course.

I will go to the better business bureau so they can help me look into this closer.


I had to cancel one of my certification for transcription, and was charged 300, but that was because I canceled after the second shipment for my course came in. I wasn't charged after that though.

No one ever reads the policy and agreement docs that come in your first package. If you did you would be aware of the policies for completing and canceling courses, so that you can plan better.


It's the same with going into an actual school. You sign up for a class and decide not to go or don't complete it they still charge you.

Of course it's going to take work and time to accomplish. My husband works 14 hours a week, does online schooling, upon many other things and makes great grades. I'm a stay at home mother of three and I plan on enrolling.

I've taken online courses before and made fantastic grades. I guess it depends on how much your willing to devote to accomplish what you need done to succeed.


Different strokes for different folks i guess. You really have to be in it to win it.

What ever it takes to finish the course. Plus the field you picked is in the medical field, so that's alot to take in.

My wife is a stay home mom, and she's gonna enroll.

Good Luck to you though.

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