This school is a fraud! I paid money for the massage class.

And they dont tell you when you are signing up to take classes that you have to come to come to Colorado for 4 weeks at your own expense and pay more money to stay in the hotels. They dont tell that the money you pay can, be used to file back on taxes. And all the monies paid they then report to the credit bureau the full amount and show no payments ever made. I am out of money, no education from this school and nothing to show.

This school needs to be investigated and reported for fraud, sued to give students their money back and remove this report from their credit. And the credit bureau needs to research these companies before they destroy people's credit

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Career Institute Massage Therapist Course.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The massage program not even accepted in Texas. It is a rip off


I got billed for taking one test. I emailed them and told them I could not continue due to my mothers cancer.

Maybe I emailed the wrong office.

Anyway....I am being hunted by a credit agency swearing that if I don't pay up the bill will go up. Anyway, not a good experience...I feel totally helpless.


I am a victim of their fraud as well! I payed them $1000 and have nothing to show for it..


I graduated from this school, I could never be happier. It was worth every penny!

The instructors are amazing! I am sorry that you had a bad experience.


Oh no, that is unfortunate. Search must continue.


I almost signed up for this. Thank God I did some research.

Sorry you went through this. They will get what they have coming to them for screwing with people lives and money.

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