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This business has scammed me by telephone.I was told that if they did not receive payment then I would get nothing. No contract. Well now I have them on my credit report when I was told clearly that there was no contract. If I didn't do the work then I would receive no...
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Us Career Institute Customer Care
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Not as described/ advertised
I have completed the course with a 96 GPA.There is not one medical facility I have contacted that will let you work from home, as well as not one that is looking for someone without prior experience! $1,500 down the drain. The institute has some random people working...
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The same thing happened to me! I was promised a job from home would be easy to find.

They also told me I would get a refund if I didn't get a job within a year of completing the course. One big fat lie!

I missed one assignment and was dismissed. Absolute scam!

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Us Career Institute Customer Care
  • Being lied to that finding home employment would be so easy
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Not as described/ advertised
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Price reduction
The problem with USCI, is not that you aren't legitimate. It is that you are dishonest in your advertising. People come to you and pay you for the guidance you promise and then you shut them down. The success promise program exists but the minute someone makes a...
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What in the world are you blabbering about?? You're all over the place.

First, let me address the accreditation thing. You "urge" people to look up DETC to see how "recognized DETC is amongst institutions." That doesn't even make sense. DETC IS the accrediting agency, and institutions are recognized BY DETC as meeting certain standards, thus becoming accredited. If your issue with DETC is their legitimacy as an accrediting body, then bring it up with the U.S.

Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (who, by the way, oversee regional accrediting bodies, or for people like you, "real schools"). The DETC maintains the same standards that regional bodies hold, the only difference being the DETC accredits institutions offering distance education.

Second, you weren't denied your right to an education. You failed to fulfill your obligation. When you sign contracts, educational or other, each party is agreeing to a set of terms or expectations.

For example, you pay us money and we'll send your course materials. You complete ALL of your assignments and exams satisfactorily and on time, then we'll give you an appropriate grade to reflect that achievement. If you missed an assignment, like you stated, then you failed to meet an expectation. And in most schools, if you don't make the grade (literally) then you're removed from the roster.

And in some cases you're ineligible for repeat. Oh, and you still have to pay for it. What I don't understand is if materials are sent at the beginning of the course, you should have enough content to get the gist of the information presented. So if this was an elective, what's all the heartburn about?

And I'm really getting a kick out of the number of people who don't do prior research, then blame the school for "blindsiding" them.

Wake up! Your credentials don't stop at certification/diploma.

You have continuing education, licensure, State and National exams...

And this is all spelled out on the US Career Institute website (with hyperlinks) if you'd just read it.

So stop poo-pooing everyone else for your inadequacies

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