I finished my classes in Medical Billing and Coding. My contract was for classes of 5557.

Not even close to the mid point of the classes, US Career Institute changed my contract to bring it down to a lower class study. I paid my bill before the end of the class, before graduation and on the original contract it stated of to receive a medical dictionary, (Stedman's), to have the Medlock CD for a year subscription and to receive the HCPCS coding book as well. My bill paid, passed the class and have received nothing but the certificate of completion of the course. Here is where US Career lies to students to make it sounds so worth while to study under them with such graduation gifts.

Now the big picture. They charged over $2000 and if lucky, you might get some money off for a special at certain times. I am attending another online college for the same class since I felt I was ripped off at US Careers. My class for the same study cost me less than a $1000 with REAL textbooks and not the schools hand made copy like at US Career.

I am at Ashworth College where the training is more advanced, the REAL textbooks are a huge factor, and just received the new coding books today in the cost of the tution. Now if this doesn't tell you what a ripoff US Career Institute is I don't know what will. I am learning so much more at Ashworth College because what I lacked at US Career which was not taught, I am getting the education I need at Ashworth. And at Ashworth, they will help you with the certification test (NHA) which that test cost is also included in the tuition.

Not at US Career. *** hand made books, lies on the contract, way over cost of the classes, and a waste of time.

Go to where you will get the proper education and not at US Career Institute. Beware, they are called Weston Learning where McKinley College and US Career Institute are a bundle together, ran by the same people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Career Institute Program.

Reason of review: cost, graduation gifts, poor books.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

US Career Institute Cons: Being lied to that finding home employment would be so easy, Shady pricing, Inadequate training, Misleading advertisement.

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Im currently at uscareer and the instructors are virtually absent. I've gotten more instruction from you tube videos


wow and I was just about to enroll


Thank you for your review I will stay away from U.S. Career Institute!


I was thinking of taking up medical billing & coding, do you still like Ashworth or have you graduated yet?


Did you just blindly enroll in the program? Or did you actually take the time read the details of your financial obligation, to include the cost of the program and payment options?

Furthermore, did you not take the time read up on the school's "money-back commitment?" And if so, why didn't you take advantage of it? US Career Institute gives students the opportunity to sample materials, and if they don't meet your standard, they'll refund your money.

So if the "handmade" books have really, truly been an issue during the entire course of your program, why did you put yourself through such mental (and financial) anguish by not getting your money back immediately? Sounds to me like another case of "you did it to yourself."


You know if I had seen these reviews on US Career Institute BEFORE I signed up for it,I NEVER would have taken their course..they upped the price after my first semester!!!! Yes,I read everything before doing anything but you don't get a written agreement is online!!

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