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I took the Medical Coding and Billing Course through the U.S. Career Institute.

I passed with a 97%. As I started applying for jobs, I noticed that all the applications asked if I have a certificate through an AAPC or AHIMA accredited institution. The U.S. Career Institute has neither of these accreditations, meaning that this certificate cost over $2,000.00 and took me a year for no reason.

No one will hire me with a certification from this school. Do not waste your time and efforts like I did!

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Career Institute Medical Coding And Billing Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm sorry that is so sleazy for them to do that . U.S.I. knows what is required to obtain employment..


I agree. I paid for classes through this Institution. Since they aren’t accredited, no one wants to hire.


No would hired as Medical Assistant since US Career is not on there list of school and there not the accreditation. I was so mad and what waste of time.


I m taking a course in medical billing and coding and it is challenging I love it... first that is what I want to tell you...

second I have read all the neg review, where do you get these people ....they don't know what they are talking about or to hard up to finish and get mad because they can't get a refund...

if you start something finish it. I don't care what school you start in you are not going to get your money back guarantee...all in all I love us career institute keep up the good work


They are affiliated with AHIMA, I have taken the AAPC CPC test and passed. They took my course work through the US career institute as approved certification.

You have to pass the AAPC or the AHIMA CPC test to be certified. The USCI course prepares you for the test. You get a certification in completing the course not a CPC certification. This is what employers are looking for.

You also have to be a member of either the AAPC or AHIMA to take the state test. You will hold Apprentice behind your certification for 2 years, which means in order to remove it you have to have 2 years of work experience. When I completed my course with USCI they informed me that it counts as 1 year towards my apprenticeship so I only have 1 year of work experience needed to remove the A.

There is a lot that goes into having your CPC; time, money, learning constantly. Its not a wam bam thank you mam profession.


those are certification tests that are taken after you have completed the course. So the question is, do those certifying bodies accept the program you completed as a qualifying program of study to be eligible to sit for their exams


I'm in the process of taking this course..I've already paid $2000 they said that was for just the first semester!! So I'm taking a course that in not going too be able to get a job with!!

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