Love this experience while you're trying to get it done at home because you won't get a job. Hospitals and Clinics don't look at you as completing or "graduating" because it's not considered the same as going to a REAL school and getting your credits. They also offer...
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None of your complaints make any sense. If hospitals and clinics are saying US Career Institute isn't a "real" school, then it sounds like you need to start applying at "real" hospitals and clinics.

US Career Institute is an accredited institution from which you can obtain certification or an associate's degree. The only reason these hospitals and clinics might not accept these credentials is because they're specifically looking for "more" education, like a bachelors degree, or they require other-than-correspondence (Both of which you should have researched beforehand).

Regarding the money-back guarantee and "fighting" because you didn't "follow every rule" because they "didn't inform you": Their policy is spelled out on their website. It's called "the fine print" and every business out there has it. Shame on you for not reading it, then demanding to be compensated for your negligence.

And you complain about "false promises" but fail to explain.

Also, how did they "make" you pay thousands for nothing?

If you literally received "nothing," then yes, you have a case. But if they sent you so much as login information for a course, that's something. And they didn't "make" you pay unless, of course, you refused, they turned your account over to collections, and for fear of further staining your credit record, you reluctantly paid your outstanding balance.

I wager this isn't the case. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you're like the majority of the naysayers who is looking for an easy way out, has an overwhelming sense of entitlement, and expects a degree and career to be handed to you.

On a silver platter.

At the expense of others.

So my advice, should you choose to accept it: Grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

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