After taking this course and getting the certification I was looking forward to taking the board exam to be licensed only to find out that I can NOT take it. I do not qualify because for the National exam you need AT LEAST 200 min hours in class, on campus hands on by an assigned school.

State requirements differ, but my state requires 500 min hours.

I asked this question before I signed up and was told that all I needed was the certification and then I can go take my state board test. A year of my time and money just wasted!

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Career Institute Massage Therapist Course.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Wolf Island, Missouri

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Does anyone know about requirement of massage license in arizona


see if a school close to you will let you do hands on. my local school is $65 a class.


Regrettable but your own fault. Not impressed by the fact that you've decided that this was a waste of time and money.

Man up and find a way out of this mess.

And no, I'm not talking about legal action. Do your homework this time.


Your an ***


He may be an *** but he's right.


Wow, looks like you should've done a little better investigative research. I've been considering this program since my mom went through several years ago.

So although I haven't the first-hand experience, nor have I spoken to my mother at length about the process (she's out of state), I've conducted exhaustive research of my own about the process (I'm not pursuing a new career, but exclusively self-enrichment). Based on your statement "I do not qualify because for the National exam you need AT LEAST 200 min hours in class, on campus hands on by an assigned school" suggests you didn't complete the practicum in Fort Collins. In which case you indeed did NOT receive your certification, but instead a "Letter of Achievement" which is explained on the US Career Institute webpage under their general information. Only when you complete the practicum do you receive your certification.

You DO have 2 years to complete it though...

As far as testing goes, your state (MO) requires you take only ONE of six different exams, one of which is the MBLEx. You would know this if you read the licensure requirements as governed by the Missouri Board (it's in the rules and regulations, page 3). And if you looked up the requirements for the MBLEx, you would know that there are currently no prerequisites for taking the exam. The procedure is just like that for the GRE or any other paid-for Pearson VUE computer-based test.

You just make an appointment, give them money, take the test. Now if you decide to wait about 6 more months to take it, THEN they'll have a prerequisite, which is to have completed, or be presently enrolled in, a program that is approved by the state in which the school is located. You're in Missouri but enrolled in US Career Institute (which is in Colorado), and it's approved by the State of Colorado: You can take the test.

You also mention your state has a 500 hour requirement, which it does.

Lucky for you, the US Career Institute program (complete with practicum) is 625 hours.

Where you have a problem is that Missouri does not recognize correspondence programs as a legitimate form of instruction. ALL of the instruction, to include academics MUST be FACE-TO-FACE in order to be recognized by Missouri (That's also on page 3).

All that said, your slander about US Career Institute is completely unjustified based on your own negligence and/or ignorance and/or incompetence.


It must only be in your state that you need 200 contact hours for licensing or certification. I did pharmtech correspondence with another, semi-defunct* school and I didn't have to have any hands-on training (although it would've been nice).

Not only did I pass the ExCPT, the proctors told me I was the first one to do it on the first try. Everyone who had gone to the local career schools (Ross, Dorsey, et al.) failed and had to retake.

I agree with everyone else--know what your state requires.



I forgot to asterisk: "semi-defunct" means "it looks like they closed all their other programs except for real estate". Weird.


It's entirely up to YOU to check with your STATE licensing requirements. You can't blame a school for you not doing your homework.

I attended this school, and I am licensed in CO, and there were other students from several other states in my graduating class. We ALL are licensed in each of our states. The program is accredited as a 600 hour program.

You definitely DO have to attend the in state "boot camp" style 4 week residency to get credit for the 600 hours. However, this is all very clear on the website.


Are you saying that you cannot sit to take the national exam under the state of MO (assuming that's where you're from), because that state requires 200 hours of in class training?


I am not in Wolf Island, but I am also in Missouri.


I, too asked about licensing before I signed up and was told the exact same thing. I just discovered yesterday that I am not eligible to take the test(s).

I am researching now to see if there was a law suit filed and am wondering if you ever got any retribution.

I hope you see this and respond. I think we should talk.


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