I completed the Bookkeeping course in 5 months and was/is on a payment plan for the tuition. As soon as I completed the final projected and summited it, my certificate was in the mail a week and a half later.

No only did I get my certificate, I received a letter with it saying congratulations on completing the program and that I can continue to make the monthly payments until my balance of $300 was paid off.

I like the Bookkeeping program because the workbooks were very easy to understand and the examples helped out a lot. Not sure what all the fuss is with everyone else but I am a happy camper and a fan of the school.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Did you buy the books like did they get sent to you, If so how much


Were you able to find work with this certification?


i have had the same experience. amazing school and training and theres always someone available.

i went for the paralegal studies i havent even paid any of my $600 tutiton or graduated yet and i already have job offers.


I am considering being a bookkeeper as my career and currently looking for schools to do bookkeeping courses, how was this course for you? Is it worth it?


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