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I got expelled from my online school and discovered this school so thought it was not such a bad idea. The pricing was okay, but what they do not tell you off hand is that if you want to buy the course materials that costs extra. Like $29.99. So the pricing is misleading because unless you really read the fine print you will not see that the school offers three different prices for each course and if you intend on paying online like auto payments you then get stick paying for the application fee, and the full cost of tuition. So if you pay in full you are meant to be saving the largest sum of money out of the three options (application fee waived).

Now from what I read through reviews so far is this:

pricing advertising misconceptions-with tuition course materials

some employers to not take these certificates or degrees seriously- some reviewers mentioning employers need experience but also that these course do little to impress employers of their educational backgrounds

refund refusals-the school struggles to honor their promise, but they do give a full break down of the steps. Only later to tell you that it is up to YOU to find employment.

In my situation, I see this school as a stepping stone because I have a associates and bachelors and needed/wanted more educational experience specific for a career of asap. For others with are just starting out I strongly recommend trying a community college that offers such training programs or online classes. If not there are schools like University of Phoenix, Ashford University, etc. that are easy and accept financial aid or offers and accepts scholarships. Do not risk your money on this off the bat, do your research first. I am still taking my course I am not rushing through it like everyone else, but I am looking for work with or without the use of my certificate.

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Responding to the review up top. I called and spoke to a Rep and didn't feel misled.

Yes the fee changes, because of what I read if you just want the education then the cost is one price but to get certified then additional fees are requested. Mentioning the University of Phoenix as an option seems like a plan but from a parent of a child that attended there you will being paying a *** of a lot more from them especially because it is an out of state college.

You will pay out of state fees up to over an additional $20,000 plus. It's convenient because its online but all their credits are transferable.

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