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Work at home as a medical biller

I have completed the course with a 96 GPA. There is not one medical facility I have contacted that will let you work from home, as well as not one that is looking for someone without prior experience! $1,500 down the drain. The institute has some random people working from home available for you to call - they tell you what they think you want to hear, but it is all BS. When I signed up for the course the sales person said there are many offices he is aware of in Florida that seek medical billers working from home.
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The same thing happened to me! I was promised a job from home would be easy to find.

They also told me I would get a refund if I didn't get a job within a year of completing the course. One big fat lie!

I missed one assignment and was dismissed. Absolute scam!


Thanks for the info. I was considering this online school, but I'm glad I read the reviews.

There are so many negative ones. I don't want to waste my time and especially not my money.

Coincidentally I received a college catalog in the mail offering the courses that I was considering. At least I know after I complete the courses and get certified that the job I apply for will accept my certification because it will be from an actual reputable college.


If you do a little research you'll find that most negative reviews are written by people who HAVEN'T done any research.

First, let me say that US Career Institute may or may not be reputable. Sure, they have their testimonials on their website, just like every other business out there.

And the only prior student I know PERSONALLY had nothing but great things to say about the school. But they ARE accredited, and that's all that matters.

Second, did you actually read the reviewer's first paragraph? WHAT?!

A business wants to hire someone with experience?! How could they?! Welcome to reality, sweetheart. That's how business works.

And internships, too, so maybe the reviewer should try that to get a foot in the door. Just sayin'. Just because you have a certification, or a diploma, or a degree, does NOT make you marketable.

Third, the comment about the call center "blowing smoke" stating they know of lots of Florida offices looking for help, yet the reviewer couldn't find any... Have you stopped to consider how many thousands of offices are in the state of Florida?

Surely the reviewer doesn't think they're all local? I'm sure there are tons looking for help, but you need to leave WPB to find them.


Now, back to YOUR comment about a "reputable" school. A doctor is still a doctor, no matter where he got his degree. Or whether he was at the top of his class or the bottom.

Accreditation is what matters, not necessarily reputation.

Oh, and I have 2 Masters Degrees AND I'm using them. (*I'm looking at US Career Institute not for career change, but for self-enrichment)


Master's degrees? LOL!

@PissedConsumer1280372 a negative way. To take pot shots at people who forked over their money and time, did a qualified performance, and see US Career is a scam, they have a RIGHT to their opinion.

I apologize to you for, "Prospective Student."

The consistency of grade ''D'' performance and evaluations has some merit. To run around with a water pistol and put out smoldering fires of bitterness further muddy the POSITIVE ! WE'LL GET YOU A JOB ! one liners i was tempted to fall for.

Something is ''up'' ,

not on the level. and makes me sending $79 down payment seem questionable. I am sorry, 'sweetheart' but to pump "YOU'LL GET A JOB" lectures then say, "do I know you?" after the money spent and the time gone for nothing, and the message is REPEATS from MANY clients,

says enough for me.

One ! answer touting US Career Inst is a skip down primrose lane, "It's going to work out", reminds me I quit on the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus some time ago.

The long list of nay-sayers is enough 'research' for me. Thank you, the ''other'' comments.


did you get your licensing from NHA and go to NCCT AFTER THER PROGRAM

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